Бразилия, Флорианополис

Tour to Santo Daime

- june. brazil, florianopolis
We invite you to visit a unique event that takes place annually in June, in the Santo Daime community. Together with the Ayawaska Retreat team and the keepers of the centuries-old Santo Daime tradition, we offer the opportunity to immerse yourself in the joint work of preparing the Ayahuasca drink.
Santo Daime
A religious syncretic movement that was founded about 100 years ago in the Acre region of Brazil. One of the key features of this movement is the use of Ayahuasca during its ceremonies. Currently, Santo Daime churches exist throughout Latin America, in the United States, some European countries, Japan, and others. Santo Daime is considered a universal religion in which working with one's own consciousness is considered fundamental. The word "Daime" is another name for Ayahuasca, used by followers of the movement. The community with which we will be working to prepare Daime was founded about 40 years ago in Florianopolis. For 15 days in June, the community prepares the Ayahuasca drink for its needs for the whole year.
What we will be doing
The preparation process starts with the harvest. The Banisteriopsis Caapi and Chacruna plants, which grow in the forests on the community's land, will be collected by us for further preparation. Women prepare the Chacruna leaves, and men process the Banisteriopsis vine and prepare firewood for the oven in which the sacred drink is cooked. Following centuries-old recipes, we will carry out the process of preparing Ayahuasca, during which we will also take the sacred medicine to gain strength and delve deeper into the Santo Daime experience.

You will be able to choose a place to stay that best suits your preferences. Options may include a guest house on the community's land or other accommodation on Florianopolis Island. It is important to note that you have the opportunity to join the process for any length of time, starting from one day. Thus, you can choose the most convenient time and duration of participation in the tour.
There are many questions and opinions about this, in our view, young religious movement. And the most reliable way to dispel all doubts is to touch the traditions and gain a little more understanding of the people who uphold them. As for the work itself, it is indeed not easy and requires physical strength and health. Ayawaska Retreat offers the opportunity in this journey to understand not only oneself but also the people around us, in order to become more open and free in our own understanding of the world.
What to expect from the trip
Where you will be staying
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