Бразилия, Флорианополис
I want to share my impression after the retreat. Because I think I could miss something important.
I was very happy to spend the weekend with you, and now I am gradually returning to my usual life.
Honestly, I am not very quick to open up to people, but with you ⚡️ everything was different.
The retreat became something special for me. I tried not to read a lot of information and not to have any expectations, but simply trust and immerse myself in the various practices. I tried rapping for the first time, even though I had known about this practice for a while.
Ayahuasca was something I had heard of, but deciding to try it was a bit difficult. The practice itself was interesting to me, and I appreciate that we share the same values with those organizing the retreat.
The location was top-notch, with very cozy houses and everything was comfortable for living. We had a room with amenities, which was a big plus. The outdoor pool and jacuzzi were delightful.
The food was well thought out and delicious. I enjoyed cooking dinner together and I was very happy with the abundance of fruits.
The ceremony itself. I really liked it, the musician/shaman was amazing.
Sound meditation was wonderful, I really love it and it was so relaxing. The instruments were just lovely.
Painting also touched me deeply. We travel with two backpacks and took our paintings with us; we couldn't leave them behind, and I can't even imagine leaving them. There was so much warmth and love in the house, in unity. These are probably the feelings and emotions that I miss so much when I am away from home.
Thank you Ayawaska Retreat for this incredible experience. 🙏🏽
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