Бразилия, Флорианополис

Team "Ayawaska Retreat"

Denis is the project's author, a traveler, a spiritual seeker, and an explorer of spiritual practices, culture, and traditions of indigenous peoples in Brazil. To ensure the comfort of every participant, he carefully plans the routes of tours, retreats, and Ayahuasca ceremonies, in which he not only acts as an organizer but also as a guide. Denis combines spiritual and scientific approaches to studying and understanding this ancient teaching, helping immerse oneself in the local culture and traditions.
Alexandra is a traveler, artist, and translator, and her presence at retreats and ceremonies is invaluable. She not only helps participants from different countries feel comfortable and actively participates in communication and translation but also brings creativity and sparks to the team. With her imagination and artistry, she helps create an atmosphere of magic and harmony at each retreat.
Anna is a brilliant ideas and inspiration behind the team, and her specialization in communication is essential for conducting successful retreats and ceremonies. She develops effective communication strategies to convey information about the retreats to participants, takes care of the connection with local residents and indigenous peoples. Thanks to her communication skills, every project participant feels important and involved.
Renata has been researching Ayahuasca culture for over 10 years; she is not only an assistant in the team but also a spiritual person. With her extensive experience working with this ancient ritual, Renata possesses great wisdom and the ability to help participants of retreats and ceremonies cope with emotional and spiritual challenges. Her presence brings an additional level of support and calmness, and she is always ready to share her experiences and knowledge with people attending the ceremonies.
Sonya is a yoga instructor and meditation teacher. Sonya plays an important role in the team as the coordinator of retreat and ceremony participants in Europe. She is responsible for organizing and coordinating the group of participants in Europe, ensuring their comfort and safety during travel and stay at retreats and Ayahuasca ceremonies. Sonya also instructs participants on physical and mental preparation before ceremonies, helping them relax, focus, and open up to profound spiritual experiences. Sonya brings comfort, organizational skills, and spirituality to the team, helping create unforgettable and deep journeys in Ayahuasca ceremonies for European participants.
We are looking for representatives in different countries to coordinate and provide initial consultation for Ayawaska Retreat participants. Send the information to dostoevskifm@tutanota.com with the subject "employee."
We are looking for investors to implement the Ayawaska Retreat - Center project. Send the information to dostoevskifm@tutanota.com with the subject "investor."
We are looking for partners and like-minded individuals. We are ready to collaborate and open to new and fresh ideas. Send the information to dostoevskifm@tutanota.com with the subject "collaboration."
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