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How Rapé and Sananga are used in Ayahuasca ceremonies

Rapé and Sananga are two important tools used in Ayahuasca ceremonies, which have deep roots in ancient indigenous cultures of the Amazon. These ritualistic aids play a key role in spiritual practice and help individuals achieve levels of awakening and healing often accompanied by profound visionary and sensory experiences. In this article, we will explore in more detail what Rapé and Sananga are, how they are used in Ayahuasca ceremonies, and how they contribute to spiritual development.

Rapé is a potent means of communication with spirits and forces of nature used in Ayahuasca ceremonies. It consists of meticulously blended powders typically derived from various plants, roots, and herbs of the Amazon known for their healing properties. Rapé is blown into the nostrils using special pipes called "tepis".

The application of Rapé involves thorough preparation, including prayers and intentions accompanying its use. Then, a shaman or ceremonial guide blows Rapé through a special pipe into the nostrils of ceremony participants. This initiates a process of awareness, purification, and insight, often accompanied by intense emotional and physical reactions.

Rapé serves various purposes and effects related to spiritual and physical healing. It helps expand consciousness, provides access to deep levels of self-exploration, and assists ceremony participants in connecting with their inner power and wisdom. Rapé also possesses purifying properties and can help remove blocks and energetic imbalances in the body, promoting healing and restoration.

Sananga is another important tool used in Ayahuasca ceremonies. It is an ancient form of eye medicine containing special drops obtained from various plants of the Amazon. Sananga is applied to the eyes using a special applicator.

The application of Sananga creates a burning sensation and may induce tears. This is due to its powerful cleansing and healing properties. Sananga helps purify the energetic field of the eyes, improves vision, and opens the doors to visionary exploration. Additionally, Sananga is known for its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Furthermore, Sananga has a profound influence on consciousness and perception. During Ayahuasca ceremonies, this technique helps participants achieve deep focus and expand their perception, often accompanied by clear and profound visionary experiences.

The use of Rapé and Sananga in Ayahuasca ceremonies aims to create a harmonious and receptive state for accessing spiritual wisdom and healing. They assist ceremony participants in connecting with their inner power and undergoing a detailed examination and treatment of their energetic system.

In conclusion, Rapé and Sananga are vital tools used in Ayahuasca ceremonies to facilitate profound education, purification, and healing. They have ancient roots in indigenous cultures of the Amazon and play a crucial role in spiritual practice. Their profound properties help ceremony participants open up and heal, positively impacting their spiritual development and well-being.