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Celebrity experiences with Ayahuasca and their testimonials

There have been several discussions about celebrities who have used Ayahuasca, but among them, Sting has been a top-tier star. Now, let's talk about other equally famous personalities who have experienced Ayahuasca and are happy to share it with us.

Will Smith

One of the most well-known figures, who is actually a true Ayahuasca enthusiast, is Will Smith. He has participated in numerous Ayahuasca ceremonies. "In the 50 years I have lived on this planet, these were unparalleled experiences," he shared about his direct involvement in the ceremony. He also mentioned that he decided to go to South America with his friend Denzel Washington. Washington told Smith that at 40 you can be indecisive, but at 50 you become bolder and take on everything and handle it.

Will Smith often talks about how it wasn't an easy decision for him to try Ayahuasca. He rarely consumed alcohol and was afraid of the "narcotic" reputation of DMT. After all, it is a substance banned in the United States. However, he eventually took the leap and had no regrets.

Dorian Yates

Gym enthusiasts see him as an icon. This person won the title of "Mr. Olympia" six times in a row. He defined the standards of bodybuilding that are still relevant today. His incredibly wide back overshadowed the "golden era" of bodybuilding associated with Arnold Schwarzenegger, Frank Zane, and Lee Haney. People watching him couldn't comprehend how a person could be so muscular. Even Yates himself didn't believe that some Amazonian brew could have such a profound impact on his perception of life.

However, it didn't happen instantly. Around 2008, Yates, along with his girlfriend and fitness model Gal Ferreira, who later became his wife, traveled to her homeland in Brazil. He had heard somewhere that Ayahuasca could change one's life for the better but didn't delve into the details. The thought of trying the brew arose suddenly. At that time, Yates wasn't following a special diet and had no intentions of abstaining from sex or alcohol, but he drank it and didn't feel anything except signs of intoxication.

After returning to California, a friend advised him to try synthetic DMT. He felt like he lost the real sense of perception and realized that the world around us is nothing more than an illusion. Following that, Yates frequently flew to South America for Ayahuasca ceremonies, following all the rules and guidelines, with a shaman and icaros. He believes that everyone should try it, especially politicians who are insensitive and selfish.

Tony Robbins

The highest-paid business coach on Earth has a rich experience with psychedelic substances. He doesn't drink, smoke, or consume drugs, so it was not an easy decision for him. He witnessed firsthand how addiction ruined his mother's life and left an indelible mark on him. At first, he couldn't believe that entheogens were not narcotics. When he thoroughly studied the topic, he decided to attend an Ayahuasca ceremony in Brazil.

According to him, he felt a direct connection with everything that exists, a unity with his own soul and spirits. He had a conversation with himself that is simply unforgettable. At that moment, he felt the presence of God.

For the following 10 days after the ceremony, Tony woke up with a sense of euphoria. He wanted to scream and share his state of ecstasy with others. During those days, he had no doubt that he was capable of anything. He was no longer afraid of death and felt that he was given the task from above to free others from the fear of death. It seems like he's succeeding in that.

We urge you to attend an ayahuasca ceremony not just because celebrities do it. You should make this decision for yourself, thoughtfully. It is worth delving into the subject, learning as much as possible about the plants, their medicinal and spiritual potential, and hearing testimonials and stories from ordinary people. Formulate correct expectations and intentions in your mind, go through all the necessary preparation stages, and confidently embark on your journey to South America! Enlightenment is achieved by those who are prepared. You want to gain new knowledge and immerse yourself in the world of the unknown, don't you?