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Religion of Santo Daime

Santo Daime is a Brazilian religion founded by Master Irineu in western Brazil. Irineu was the son of African slaves who immersed himself in the rituals of ayahuasca conducted by indigenous shamans. In his visions, he received a mission to heal people and conduct ceremonies. The religion combines Catholicism, African animism, and indigenous shamanism.

What is Santo Daime?

In Portuguese, Santo Daime means "give me" or specifically "holy, give me." Daime is the equivalent of ayahuasca, with the only difference being the hymns that are sung during the preparation of the drink.

The Church of Seu do Mar is one of the largest churches in Brazil. It is located in a large area in the south of Rio, with spacious farms, garages, gardens, and pools. The church itself consists of a big house and a small house for children, which hold special significance for the rituals. Altars dedicated to the Virgin Mary, Master Irineu, and the cross are located on the stairs leading to the house. On the second floor, there is a hall with figures and offerings on the altar. People stand in circles around tables, forming rectangles for dancing. The hall is divided into separate sections for men and women. In the back, you can observe the kitchen through windows. Every few hours, the windows open and people gather around them to receive bowls of daime. There is also a separate room for those who are strongly affected by the drink.

Daime is a bitter and unpleasant tasting beverage. After consuming it, one can experience a sensation similar to being intoxicated. Sounds are heard differently, and there may be stomach discomfort leading to vomiting. Something starts happening to one's consciousness, thoughts become clear and rapid. The body starts feeling different. Hearing is heightened, and there may be a sense of depersonalization or detachment from the body. It is worth noting that the range of emotions that one can experience is vast and individual. At this moment, the healer begins continuous singing and whistling, which are necessary for inducing visions.

The ceremony involving the consumption of the sacred beverage takes place on special days according to the religious calendar, following specific ritual rules. In some cases, local tobacco, which also possesses narcotic effects, is smoked after the brew. Each participant receives a dosage depending on their body weight and overall condition.

During the ceremony, the ayahuasquero communicates personally with each individual. If someone feels pain in any part of their body, the healer removes a magical needle that was inserted by an enemy. Throughout the ritual, each person receives their own recommendations and goes through a process of expelling evil spirits. Around 2-3 a.m., after 4-5 hours of being in an altered state of consciousness, participants can return home or spend the night on straw in a forest shelter near the ceremony location. The participants of the ritual submit themselves to the process through which they can learn self-awareness, become more humble, and open their hearts to God.

It is necessary to adhere to a special diet before and after consuming the drink as part of the healing course.

The Santo Daime Church advocates for a healthy lifestyle with the motto "harmony, love, and justice." It is also based on other equally important values such as strength, humility, brotherhood, and purity of heart. After the ceremony, each person receives a lesson, identifying both positive and negative aspects of their personality.